gift topper duo no. 4

gift topper duo no. 4


Designed and handmade in Marin, California - this pair of floral stems can top off and make any gift feel and look at first glance even more endearing or thoughtful. One on each gift, taped inside a card to a special someone or taped to the wall to add that cheery pop of texture and color. Collect several sets and create a one-of-a-kind botanical pattern across a wall. The waxed linen vases/vessels were made by my husband and you can find more in our baskets category of the shop.

The hand embroidered blue dot sprig bouquet also includes two furry stems, a hand-wired fern like leaf and a small trio of beaded flowers. This bouquet is about 5 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches at its widest part.

The furry flower bouquet also includes a pair of small beaded flowers and a hand wired fern like stem. This bouquet is about 4 1/4 inches tall and 3 inches at its widest part.

Materials include various mix of wire, embroidery floss, yarn, glass seed beads, cloth, floral tape.

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