About Us

About Karen: Born and raised in an old town corner of Marin (just North of San Francisco). This inspiring area that nurtures open space and entrepreneurial spirit - cultivated my curiosity for charming, useful, intriguing objects; collected and arranged to tell visually appealing stories. 

This site allows me to share my curiosities, inspiration and share my handmade wares. Through the blog, I showcase a sensitivity to a thoughtfully composed jumble of colors, layers and textures in indoor and outdoor spaces, clothing and objects. Think of it as an arboretum of intriguing images and enduring details that highlight a special charm in everyday - and not so everyday - life.

My husband and I are privileged to raise our daughter where Kuwatani blog and Kuwatani shop are deeply rooted.

About Cary who contributes to the blog:

A landscape designer, doodler, dabbler and daydreamer of a little someday cottage,  happily residing with my hubby and son in beautiful Marin.

Side notes: If you have any questions or if, on our blog, your work is improperly credited or you would like your image removed, please contact me . I would be happy to answer any questions.