monday mood lifter

beachcombing has to be one of the most relaxing and inspiring activities for me and my family. you really sink in to the sand and focus only on the treasures under the ripples of the water and beneath or sometimes on top of the dry layers of sand and rocks. everything you touch, smell, hear and see swirls together calming the really ought to be a part of our daily routine. if not, then the collections and interior below are thoughtful reminders of the beachcombing experience.  soon the trio of lavender filled sea pebbles (work in progress shown bottom left) inspired by our latest trek to the beach will be in the shop.

sink into the images below and enjoy whatever calms you.

KenDone-spades Jennifer Steen Booher Beach Combing Series No 35, Gardenista
june 2016 sea pebbles Alison_Gibb the farthing


  1. painter ken done's repurposed children's spades via designfiles spotted on elysia evers wilson pin 2. beachcombing series, no. 35 by jennifer steen booher via gardenista 3. a trio of sea pebbles in progress, soon to be in the shop kuwatani 4.alison gibb's  living room via the farthing originally brought to my attention by nicola from the farthing team.