monday mood lifter

little friendly bursts of long lasting color and texture to brighten your day. an acacia bouquet inspired by all the acacia which is in full bloom in our area right now is in the shop. handmade vase by nearby east bay ceramist sarah kersten is one of my favorites in my little ceramics collection and is not for sale.

a floral layers bouquet at bottom right aims to please and is also in the shop.

pause and admire the little things that make you smile.

americanwildflow00embu_0007 Version 2
Gillies, William George, 1898-1973; Still Life with Penguin Books Version 2


1. american wildflowers via archive 2. acacia floral bouquet via kuwatani 3. national galleries of scotland photo of william george gillies still life via artuk spotted on nel van vooren pin 4. designed and made in marin - floral layers boquet via kuwatani