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Maison Margiela Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris The-American-Standard-Building-built-in-1924-for-a-radiator-company-black-stands-for-coal-gold-stands-for-fire-very-fitting-via-James-Maher-Photography
emiliopucciaw15 davidcollinsstudio
PatternPrintsJournal_0019Antonio Marras maisondeschutes


1. maison margiela couture fw 2015 via nowfashion 2. the american standard building via vkvvisuals 3. photography by virginia arcaro of emilio pucci aw15 via dazeddigital spotted on ellie mac pin 4. david collins designed bar via idzoom spotted on camille guss pin 5. antonio marras ss 2015 via patternprintsjournal spotted on ellie mac pin 6. damien fluchaire designed sport hall - not exactly where you'd really wear thiis dress unless you had a change of clothing - via archilovers spotted on pin by pier angeli sa celliini