monday mood lifter

the art of layering....always striving to discover and create a bit of brilliance and a lot of texture layered with that mesmerizing combination of colors leaving me wanting to see more. it's that electric time of year where the urge to discover or unveil this combination is magnified. below is a photo i took of a few ornaments and an embroidered wallflower bouquet mixed in with some objects around the house. the handmade ornaments and bouquet are in the shop ready to be layered with....?

enjoy a week layered with discoveries that mesmerize you.

gerhard richter-artstack charleston_studio_fi1b622a
davidnealsteelwork Version 2


1. gerhard richter artwork via theartstack spotted by pin by kate lyden 2. painted mantel at charleston farmhouse studio via angelandblume spotted on belinda seper pin 3. david neale's steel and paint piece via thegoldensmith 4. hand-embroidered ornaments and wallflower bouquet made in marin, california via kuwatani