monday mood lifter

a couple hand-beaded pom necklaces are dangling below and in the shop. it's satisfying to find a little color and sparkle to lift or brighten your day, especially in a combination that intrigues or delights.

intriguing, calming and pretty thoughts for you this week.

ginnybranch FiberForm_May27 Version 2
scoutandcatalogue Garnet-Turquoise-Cluster-Ring-front Version 2


1. styled by ginny branch, photo by mk sadler via ginnybranch 2. a lost in fiber bundled module by abigail doan via abigaildoan 3. two hand-beaded pom necklaces in theshop 4. photo by kate edmonson from bon boutique's lookbook via scoutandcatalogue 5. garnet turquoise cluster mociun ring via mociun spotted on pin by beatpie 6. photo by me, karen, of a couple of handmade necklaces via kuwatani