monday mood lifter

after gathering bits and pieces of made and collected treasures, cary (good friend and author of the ins and outs post) and i styled the tables on our back deck to set the mood to embrace a tactile summer celebrating with close friends. it turned out to be a very nice evening - tasty, tactiley inviting, fun conversations and witty banter - a good time all the way around. for those interested parties in the bay area wondering who to consult with to compose or put together a setting for an event or photo shoot celebrating a certain mix, a thoughtful jumble of tactiley inviting textures, colors, and layers send me a message to a certain mix. we'll be happy to go from there and see how we can help. it's an informal collaboration - simply offering ideas or arranging the entire visual feast to set the desired mood.

have a summery week filled with visual delights.

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Version 2 Version 2 Version 2


1. a handmade banner above a collection of ceramic goodies, found treasures, a footed serving bowl from pottery barn's napoli line and a hand formed waxed linen basket. 2. a close up shot. 3. on top of an old redwood table made by my husband, a tranquil although dark shot of this tactile summer setting. images 4,5, and 6: the other side of the deck - a round table with a circle of goodies including a few treasured hardie cobbs ceramic vessels, another one of a kind waxed linen basket and lavender filled arrowhead inspired sachets - handmade objects also made by greg and i to be found at kuwatani. all photos by me, karen.