monday mood lifter

a dash of pink, a splash of purple sets an energetic and playful mood. below, images of a couple brooches with layers of soft and feminine mixed with strong and rustic elements - smooth satin stitching hand embroidered in pops of color juxtaposed with nubby linen yarn and twisted wire made to playfully add a boost of tactile sweetness to any ensemble.

hope you have a playfully energetic week.

kettle Version 2 Version 2
JessBrown-003 gravetyemanor moicunrubies


1. kettle watercolor by misato suzuki via alittlepainter 2. hand embroidered brooch via kuwatani 3. a couple of brooches, designed and handmade in marin, california via kuwatani 4. jess brown interior via silenceondecore spotted on pin by bon boutique 5. garden photograph by hannah via gravetyemanor 6. mociun sapphire and ruby ring via mociun