monday mood lifter

the artwork and the spaces seem rustic, yet inviting, intriguing and refreshing which inspires me to keep sprucing up our home and garden with details that intrigue and refresh making the spaces more inviting. more wreaths and necklaces in the works - see image below. sometimes i get stuck on one piece for too long, then move to a different object to work on and then another...

have a refreshing week.

uk-diy-house-3 mindysolomon 18-Cara-Garden-Mimi-Giboin-Sonoma-Gardenista
Hirosaki-Castle workinprogressfeb.15 Bathometric_1_l


1. farmhouse via remodelista 2. david hicks sculpture via mindysolomon 3. photo by mimi giboin of garden by michelle slatalla via gardenista 4. wood block print by hiroshi yoshida via slodive 5. my works in progress for my little handmade accessories shop kuwatani 6. beth ganz ink artwork via 1stdibs