monday mood lifter

welcoming 2015 with images of thoughtfully layered softness. i would celebrate newness that adds fresh beauty and structure to those who use it - whether they carry it, sit on it, wear it, look at it, walk through it or cook and clean in it - how lucky and a bit pampered i would feel to be surrounded by what's dangling below. embrace what makes you feel pampered once in awhile.

the handmade necklace below will be in the shop in a day or so.

happy new year! have a fresh new beautiful first week of 2015.

bag2 atswim IMG_2802 - Version 2
rohlfs-christian-1849-1938-ger-baum-in-landschaft-3749868 tomstuartsmith jersey-ice-cream-co-7


1. swarm bag via finderskeepersmarketinc spotted on pin by candle shoe  2. renilde depeutur's beautiful seat covers/cushions via her blog atswimtwobirds this particular one spotted on pin by juliemorstad 3. my handmade necklace via my shop 4. rohlfs christian watercolor via artvalue 5. tom stuart smith designed garden via tomstuartsmith spotted on pin by frederic herbinet 6. jersey ice cream co. designed kitchen via athoughtfuleye