the ins and outs

one file on my pinterest page is titled 'for that blank wall'.  i have been preoccupied with design options for a newly created blank wall in our living room after moving out some furniture.  mural, painting or photo enlargement? so difficult to choose. wishing you a decidedly happy weekend.


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3-interiors-inside-out-dustjacket-attic DSBOOK_PEEKS_MOFFIT01
william-abranowicz-1st-dibs Rustic-Interior-Ideas-from-A-Farmhouse-in-Spain-Terrace

clockwise from top left:

1/ via Poppytalk  2/ la banane, st. barts  via Apartment Therapy

3/ from Design Sponge at Home via Desire to Inspire

4/ via viahouse 5/ via Erika Brechtel 6/ via Dust Jacket

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