monday mood lifter

the more isolated i feel, the more ideas pop into my head of what to make next. interesting, but spiraling dilemma to grasp. i have more ideas and designs in sketches and swirling around my imagination than my two hands can create which makes it challenging to organize their roll out and focus on their completion. i need to hold a get together, an informal showing of my work to feel more settled and accomplished as well as soak up more warmth from friendly faces. i want to open my drawer of homespun treasures and share it with those curious beings who desire and value thoughtfully crafted more one of a kind handmade accessories. below (lower right) is my latest necklace i'm finishing up, soon to be in the shop. i can imagine where to wear it, what to wear it with and spot complimentary texture and color....

enjoy a connected and friendly week

Freunde-von-Freunden-Baileys-2-461x692 SONY DSC 473px-Édouard_Vuillard_-_Die_Damepartie_-_1899
ps344959_l patternprintsjournal01Katie_Schutte wipnecklacesept28


1. baileys home and garden exterior via freundevonfreunden 2. ensemble detail via lumamede seen on thestyleskinnyblogspot 3. edouard vuillard lithograph via wikimedia 4. ring via britishmuseum seen on pin by molly conant 5. katie schutte artwork via patternprintsjournal 6. necklace in progress soon to be in shop kuwatani