monday mood lifter

walking through a beautiful garden is very inspiring and soothing. bringing the outside in, viewing art influenced by nature, feeling drawn to the romanticism of laurel, olive and bay wreaths and enjoying working with my hands compelled me to create the wreath-like piece i'm currently working on (a couple glimpses below). the layered piece will be in the shop soon. enjoy your week, hope it's a soothing one.

tumblr_n5bgc63a8Y1scbc70o1_500 Website_N2 Thuyls - Deurne bowman
workinprogress young-woman-sewing-in-the-garden-1886.jpg!Blog workinprogresssept.15


1. drying herbs via 101cookbooks as seen on ruralgirl tumblr 2. garden via landelijkegilden spotted on pin by frederic herbinet 3. katherinebowman pendant via katherinebowman 4. peek of work in progress soon to be in the shop kuwatani 5. mary cassatt's young woman sewing in the garden via wikiart spotted on alongtimealone tumblr 6. another peek at the same work in progress soon to be in the shop kuwatani