monday mood lifter

we had some technical difficulties. our server was down. sorry for the inconvenience. a little sparkle, classic friendly flowers, old world grace and charm mixed in with objects made by hand....very welcoming and pleasant.

a new mini fanciful wreath (shown below) is in the shop.

have a pleasant week.

french-farmhouse-EDC-03-13-03-xln 180px-Flora_MAN_Napoli_Inv8834 tumblr_mwqfi1Y5Ww1qzi2nqo1_1280
gold,skybluedetail1 tumblr_luxwd9P0JI1r4jxiho1_500 daisies3


1. home mathilde labrouche, published in elle decor, photo by richard powers via homeanddelicious spotted on pin by prettyneons 2. flora at naples national archaeological museum via wikimedia 3. edwardian turquoise and pearl lavalier necklace via eriebasin 4. mini fanciful wreath i made via kuwatani 5. beatrice wood bud pot via blueberrymodern 6. daisies via worldsendfarm