monday mood lifter

summer vacation this year will be spent visiting a beach or two. beachcombing holds fond memories. i use to be a more of a beach girl. now i favor trees and pockets of calm protected water. of course i admire the landscape, texture and crisp freshness of the rugged open seashore, it's impossible to dismiss it. have a refreshing week.

westcoastwildfennel tumblr_n849bqcxcM1sm3vf5o1_500 tumblr_n5nsmfUjl31tvrlmwo1_1280
MauiPieces-2-web-copy PetoskeyStones2 EXHI022163


1. west coast wild fennel by michelle morin via michellemorinart spotted on pin by clairenouveau 2. lauren arlene photo of washington state coast via awelltraveledwoman 3. jurgen lehl for babaghuri, ring via jurgenlehlforbabaghuri 4. grains of sand photo by dr. gary greenberg via sandgrains 5. petoskey stones - fossilized remains of a coral - via awesomeamerica spotted on pin by allroads 6. jeremy dillon photo of robert baines artwork via ngvvicgovau - national gallery of victoria