monday mood lifter

pretty, pretty, pretty...sometimes that's all it takes to rejuvenate..a glimpse of unique wondrous objects, artwork and spaces to elevate your monday. a new golden wreath below is now in the shop. making circular objects is an interesting, distinctively dizzying process especially finding the closure to the piece. i look forward to creating more dizzying dots of interest to hang.

have a rejuvenating week. 

Tanja-Vibe-Line-Klein-06_zpsa3418697 tumblr_mb4fkeIdVB1r1vfbso1_500 enoch_1_424_424_90
golden_wreath_with_beaded_berry_flowers_and_fabric-1 Jean_Dufy_eglise_St_pierre_et_sacre_coeur-ba006 ring 2


1. photo by line klein of tanja vibe's interior as seen in elle decor dk via designtraveller 2. hiroshi yoshida's el capitan via illusionsanddelusions 3. sarah enoch necklace via ragallery 4. handmade one-of-a-kind golden wreath via kuwatani 5. jean dufy art via ecoleart 6. ruta reifen porcelain metal rings via thecuratorial