monday mood lifter

i have so many ideas for new objects to make that sometimes it feels frenetic and i just want to calm myself with pretty things to look at which may lead to more ideas..and so it goes. the light in certain surfaces and against certain textures amazes me, it can be ethereal and extremely calming. a boutinnierre/pin that's almost done - shown below soon to be in the shop - to add that certain lasting charm to a special lapel on any occasion.

have a calming week.

20130426-151022 tumblr_mux7opD6Va1qgvdcto1_1280 tumblr_mvt2xa3avj1szrg39o1_1280
oth8 wip grey-orange boutonniere wip grey-orbtonniere2


1. peter ivy handblown goblet via peterivy, spotted on lwilliamson pin 2. rika magazine via silverscents 3. mountain photo by ralf schreiber via crossingislandnature spotted on witanddelight 4. ancient blue lace agate beads via skjancientbeadart spotted on paola gambetti pin 5. and 6. soon to be boutonniere/pin on kuwatani