monday mood lifter

spring is all about the flowers..there's an incredible sweetness in the air. it's making me want to update my wardrobe with something a little more colorful and jazzier. so i'm listening to jazz while imagining some rejuvenating color combinations out there. let the sweetness of spring inspire your week.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 8.37.32 PM tumblr_mvm9zlVv6p1stkzrqo1_500 09-sdoshimizu-hydrangea-macrophylla-700x1011
tumblr_mxqr4sISLj1r5dkjoo1_1280 tiara_white_pb-1 3.4_7-WEB-550x329


1. magnolias via houseofbliss 2. madame de la porte by jean marc nattier via sollertias 3. sh404 botanical illustrations via patternbank 4. laurence amelie painting via landscapefocused 5. one of my handmade tiaras via kuwatani 6. piet oudolf planting via timberpress