monday mood lifter

thinking about shaping the space i use to collect and store my crafty materials and handmade wares   (like tiara below) into something more inspired, pretty and useful; admiring artwork capturing people hand stitching. enjoy a week filled with thoughtful productive ideas.

LeeMathews-OFFICE tumblr_m7s35yBggW1qfl268o1_1280 2ingrid-e1361208347725
6-KSekRZ5978-1sm tiara_green_op-2 tumblr_mdn6scmyHe1ri3wfwo1_500


fashion designer lee mathews home office via thedesignfiles; edouard vuillard's the seamstress via alongtimealone; costume designer ingrid weir's escape via designsponge; artist kay sekimachi's work table via lesliewilliamson; tiara by kuwatani via kuwatani; edouard vuillard's the flowered dress via elegantiaearbiter