monday mood lifter

opulent, mystical almost electrifying effect iridescent qualities have on the viewer's eye. so bright with warmth, shimmering metallic brilliance draws me in. easy to see how younger eyes are distracted by shiny objects. must remember to add a little brilliance to my everyday.

blog_quarry_227417_129_1 Arup-Brandhorst-Museum-Hi-Res-Image-047_large blog__MG_0678
tumblr_modyxtW3Sa1r3wk1zo1_1280 IMG_5078_large display_image.php


ninh wysocan quarry iridescent crystal, african opal necklace via totokaelo; hufton and crow photo of sauerbruch hutton-designed brandhorst museum in munich via europaconcorsi; adina mills quartz, hand sculpted clay necklace via totokaelo; rikka ayasaki - passions (2011) via mydarkenedeyes; goldpoets bronze ring via goldpoets; henri lebasque painting the pine tree via athenaeum