monday mood lifter

for the week ahead, we plan on spending much of our time in the kitchen. looking at this assortment of festive colors and tactile splendor soothes me from thinking about the oncoming domestic overload. more importantly, this week will be about a pleasant gathering with familiar homespun scents, comforting food and family bonding. hope wherever you are, you will surround yourself with comforting company and food. happy thanksgiving.

409px-Sertum_-_Lindley_-_frontispiece IMG_90451 83a259ee78a9bc4e-IMG_3868
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wreath via wikimediacommons; fiber art in mona kowalska, a detacher creator, interior via stylelikeu; nicole franzen photo of fruit bowl via nicolefranzen; william lamson's sugar solarium via communedesign; 1890-1900's agate ring via eriebasin; naturalistic garden design via landscapefocused