monday mood lifter

grandeur, elegance, softness...part of me yearns to sit in a formal garden, embroider away, stroll through the grounds and ponder which baubles to wear to the next ball. enjoy your week, have a ball.

tumblr_mu43enkU0m1qzi2nqo1_1280 7569545272_61694fe5fc_b 039150
tumblr_mpw55ulrou1r1dcs8o1_r1_1280 A view down the parterre to several fine examples of topiary in Westbury Court Garden, Gloucestershire tumblr_mg2ku9Ulo31qzi2nqo1_1280


19th century enamel pearl pendant via eriebasin; rundale palace photo by seanavigatorsson spotted on rococo revisited via flickr; clive nichols photo of pettifers garden, oxfordshire via clivenichols; michel barhelemy olivier oil on canvas via rococorevisited; westbury court garden, gloucestershire via nationaltrustimages; 1890-1900s victorian colored paste ring via eriebasin