monday mood lifter

blue and green side by side is a naturally beautiful combination. add a small dose of warmth - like a golden color and a hint of texture - and it peaks a little more interest and completes the calming and intriguing color combination. so many incredible designs and artwork are inspired by nature. i would like to translate this look and feel to our kitchen. hmm... have a calming week.

woman-in-a-green-dress-in-a-garden.jpg!Blog 9470453897_9a6ceff9a1_c
ed1 fritsch_ex11_3 WEB_Zig_Zag_Wattle_2013_3_80cm_x_80cm_Oil_on_linen_photo_JS02


vista via paperandtype; pierre bonnard painting via wikipaintings; lichen via bferry; edouard vuillard painting via ferseverse; karl fritsch ring via artforward; judith sinnamon painting via arthound